Talent Navigator

Alignment & Engagement are the two very powerful concepts that create successful high performance organisations, highly motivated people and committed adaptable teams.

Talent Navigator delivers insights into individual motivation, values, capability and identifies the ideal career pathways where talents, skills and expertise can best be utilised.

Our powerful online assessments enable individuals and teams to build organisational engagement, identify common motivators within the team, select career pathways and understand how to best use their talents.

It also enables high potential talent pipelines within the organisation to be identified and provides insights as to how and where these talents can be used to their fullest.

Using internationally award winning Online Assessments such as Fuel50, Birkman and CareerDecisionMaker we provide individuals with the tools and the understanding to be able to take control of their personal development and their careers.

This enables organisations to leverage these insights into Coaching & Development Programmes where Managers and Team Leaders learn how to use their skills and talents to become more effective as Manager Leaders & Coaches.

As a result your Return on Investment is greater performance, higher talent retention, lower turnover, high potential talent identified and an agile aligned organisation with the right people doing the right things


Engagement That Truly Transforms


Delivering Insights to Transform Performance

• Talent Navigator – Values &
• Talent Navigator – Talent Pathways
• CareerDecisionMaker – Drivers &
    Ideal Roles
• Birkman – Leadership Preferences
    & Profiling