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The Future of Work and the changing nature of the market means that the Acquisition of Talent will be the defining factor in creating highly successful organisations.

More than ever top calibre Talent is hard to find and even harder to attract!!!

To do so requires a team of experts who have the insights and the ability to predict accurately how a person will perform in a specific role over a two to three year period.

We do this successfully and have built an international reputation for finding high potential and hard to find talent – and of securing talent that is often considered to be totally unsecurable.

Our leadership in the identification of high potential talent has won us a World Best Practice and is based on:

• Discovery & Profiling Process
• TalentSmart which identifies Key Success Factors
• Sourcing Intelligence Mapping
• Talent Acquisition Methodology
• Talent Navigator Assessment

Our ability to predict future performance based on a high level of alignment to the Key Success Factors, their core Values and Motivators and to your culture guarantees a high potential candidate with the ability to succeed.

Invest wisely as your success will be defined by how well you identify and source the high potential talent that has the capability to deliver Competitive Advantage for you in the future.


Talent Transforming Performance 


Outstanding Talent Building Competitive Advantage

•   Targeted Search Recruitment
•   Shoulder Tapping
•   Executive Auditions
•   Active Candidate Marketing
Sourcing Intelligence & Aquistion

Talent Express

Managing costs and selecting the best talent can both be options you choose when you use Talent Express On-Demand Recruitment Services.

On-Demand is essentially Unbundled Recruitment – which simply means – that each element of the Recruitment process can be selected separately.

You only pay for what you select!!!

Or you can group services together to form a very cost effective high value recruitment option which will assist you in recruiting top talent for significantly less than you would pay for a full recruitment process.

On-Demand is the perfect solution for those times where you need an In-House resource that is Off-site – and not pay the full cost of Recruitment.

It is also ideal for Overload situations - or for Support when you are really busy – or just simply a very cost-effective recruitment option for you!!!!

And it is ideal for Recruitment Projects.

Our international experience, our systems and our Service Delivery capability of seamlessly delivering impeccable results has enabled us to build an international reputation as the Benchmark for Project Recruitment.

The Future of Work requires different thinking to create better outcomes in the future. On-Demand Recruitment is recruitment thinking differently to deliver you a significantly better result.


Better Costs. Greater Talent!!


On-Demand Recruitment Services

• On-Demand Recruitment Services
• In-House Recruitment Support
• Project Recruitment
• Outsourced HR Services