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The Future of Work trends when combined with a dynamic changing market will mean that the Acquisition of Talent will be the defining factor in creating sustainable high performance organisations.

High calibre Talent is hard to identify and even harder to attract!!

To do this successfully requires incisive Sourcing Intelligence, Talent Acquisition Expertise combined with a team of experts using our TalentSmart methodology to predict performance potential.

We have the capability to identify talent, their capabilities and to then predict accurately how this talent will perform in a specific role over a two to three year period.

Our ability to do this successfully for over 25 years has won us a World Best Practice Award and an international reputation as leaders in searching, identifying and securing talent that was considered impossible to acquire.

• Discovery & Profiling
• TalentSmart Alignment
• Sourcing Intelligence
• Talent Acquisition Methodology
• Talent Navigator Assessment

Your future success will be defined by the talent that you invest in today.

We create successful investments for you by acquiring high potential talent that delivers sustainable Competitive Advantage for you.


Talent Transforming Performance 


Talent Acquisition That Transforms Performance

• Targeted Search
• Targeted Talent Acquisition
• Sourcing Intelligence
• Executive Auditions