International Safety Solutions

We searched globally for a Safety Programme that would deliver to Safety the kind of transformational thinking that we are renowned for. And we did!!!

Safety Excellence has been developed to create transformational Mindset shifts in terms of Safety thinking and cultures.

Our Programme adds a critical element that has been missing in a whole of system approach – engaging behavioural mind-shifts and embedding cultural change.

It enables Safety to be embedded at every level from Frontline staff, Team Leaders, Managers and also right across Teams.

In Safety Excellence we use three world leading Online Diagnostic Assessments:

• ISAT – for Frontline
• LSAT – for Team Leaders & Managers
• TSAT – for Teams and Groups

The feedback sessions (One to One & Workshops) build a powerful understanding of how each person thinks, acts and reacts to environments where Safety is a factor.

It also creates a personal ownership of how the individual – or Team – can adapt to embed Safety thinking every day.

It is an essential tool for Recruitment ensuring you recruit – or appoint – the right people with the right Mindset to enhance your Safety culture.

Safety Excellence requires a shift in thinking – a Mindset shift that can be embedded in your culture.

Safety then becomes a strategically planned business improvement tool which transforms your Safety thinking from a process focus to a solutions outcome.


Creating Safety Excellence Mindsets


Transforming Safety Behaviours

• ISAT for Recruitment
• Right People Right Profiles
• Embedded Safety Culture
• Safety Excellence Mindset